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Daily “Come, Follow Me” Scripture and Quote – Church History, Lesson 22, Day 1

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The Lord “Shall Suddenly Come to His Temple,” a Temple Yet to Be Built in Jackson County, Missouri

Doctrine and Covenants 133:2

2 The Lord who shall suddenly come to his temple; the Lord who shall come down upon the world with a curse to judgment; yea, upon all the nations that forget God, and upon all the ungodly among you.

President Charles W. Penrose said:

“[The Lord would make His appearance first among the Saints and] that appearance will be unknown to the rest of mankind. He will come to the Temple prepared for Him [at the New Jerusalem], and His faithful people will behold His face, hear His voice, and gaze upon His glory. From His own lips they will receive hither instructions for the development and beautifying of Zion and for the extension and sure stability of His Kingdom.”

(Millennial Star, Sept. 10, 1859, 582–83.)

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