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Daily “Come, Follow Me” Scripture and Quote – Church History, Lesson 38, Day 2

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When the Lord Has a Message for His People or the World, He Reveals It through His Prophets

Joseph Smith Translation, Amos 3:7

7 Surely the Lord God will do nothing, until he revealeth the secret unto his servants the prophets.

Elder Mark E. Petersen said:

“God simply does not work except through prophets. There has never been a period in the history of the Church from Adam down through all the dispensations when He has labored with the people that He did not so labor through prophets. That is one of the fundamental principles of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ: God will work only through prophets.”

(“A Man Must Be Called of God” [Brigham Young University fireside, Sept. 30, 1979], 3,

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