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Daily “Come, Follow Me” Scripture and Quote – Doctrine and Covenants, Lesson 34, Day 3

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“And I, the Lord, Give unto Them a Promise”

Doctrine and Covenants 89:18–21

18 And all saints who remember to keep and do these sayings, walking in obedience to the commandments, shall receive health in their navel and marrow to their bones;
19 And shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures;
20 And shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint.
21 And I, the Lord, give unto them a promise, that the destroying angel shall pass by them, as the children of Israel, and not slay them. Amen.

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin said:

“When we obey the Word of Wisdom, windows of personal revelation are opened to us and our souls are filled with divine light and truth. If we keep our bodies undefiled, the Holy Ghost ‘shall come upon [us] and . . . dwell in [our] heart[s]’ [D&C 8:2] and teach us ‘the peaceable things of immortal glory’ [Moses 6:61].”

(“Windows of Light and Truth,” Ensign, Nov. 1995, 76.)

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