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Daily “Come, Follow Me” Scripture and Quote – Old Testament, Lesson 13, Day 1

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“The children of Israel multiply. They are placed in bondage by the Egyptians. Pharaoh seeks to destroy the sons born to Hebrew women. Moses is born to Levite parents and raised by Pharaoh’s daughter.”

See Exodus 1:7–2:10.

Elder Erastus Snow said:

“. . . Pharaoh of old [said], ‘We must do something to stop this increase [of the Hebrew population].’ Pharaoh devised means of secretly checking it, by charging his midwives, and making a decree, that every male child born in Israel should be put to death [see Exodus 1:7–22]. We read that when Moses was born and his mother found him a goodly child she disregarded the decree of the king, and God overruled in her favor, in pursuance of her faith, and protected her movements, and Moses was spared and brought into the king’s house, and unwittingly educated under his tuition to become the future deliverer of Israel, and the lawgiver of nations [see Exodus 2:1–10].”

(“Discourse,” Deseret Evening News, Mar. 15, 1884, 1.)

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