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Daily “Come, Follow Me” Scripture and Quote – Old Testament, Lesson 14, Day 3

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“The Lord Destroys the Cattle of the Egyptians, but Not of the Israelites—Boils and Blains Are Sent upon the Egyptians—The Lord Sends Hail and Fire upon the People of Pharaoh, but Not upon the People of Israel”

See Exodus 9:13–16, 18–35

President John Taylor said:

“God has made use of various means, in various ages of the world, to teach and lead men in the right path. He sent forth His servants in different ages into the vineyard, and gathered a few here and a few there who would obey His law, that they might be saved in His kingdom. And what, let me ask, have the other people of the world to do with it? They would not listen to the words of life; can the messengers of God help it? No, they cannot. Theirs is not a very enviable position. It was not a very pleasant thing for Moses to go to the Egyptian king to tell him the message he had to bear, nor to see the plagues roll on one after another [see Exodus 9:13–16, 18–35]. But God set him to work at it, and he did it. It was the Lord that managed that matter; he was simply the instrument. Who was it that inspired the prophets to predict many things that were very unpleasant to the ear? It was God. Could they have helped it? No.”

(In Journal of Discourses, 20:116.)

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