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Daily “Come, Follow Me” Scripture and Quote – Old Testament, Lesson 15, Day 3

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“The Children of Israel Sing the Song of Moses—They Extol the Lord as a Man of War and Rejoice in Their Deliverance from Egypt”

See Exodus 15:1–19

Elder Orson Pratt said:

“Moses was commanded to smite the waters of the Red Sea [see Exodus 14:16], and he did so, and they were parted asunder by the power of the Almighty [see Exodus 14:21] and, as we are informed in another place, they stood up like walls on either side of the path on which the children of Israel traveled through the midst of the sea [see Exodus 14:22, 29]. We would naturally suppose that water would not do this, but it was a miracle wrought by the power of the Almighty. He placed the waters, like solid walls on each side of His people, and they walked through dry shod [see Isaiah 11:15], while the Egyptian army, in trying to pursue them, were overthrown in the midst of the sea [see Exodus 14:26–28].

“Then comes another new revelation [called “the song of Moses”]—given by inspiration— to sing how the Lord had overthrown the enemies of His people, how the Lord had magnified His great power and preserved His people from the Egyptian nation, and delivered them from bondage [see Exodus 15:1–19].”

(In Journal of Discourses, 15:104–5.)

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