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Daily “Come, Follow Me” Scripture and Quote – Old Testament, Lesson 9, Day 1

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“Abraham commands that Isaac shall not marry a Canaanite. The Lord guides Abraham’s servant in choosing Rebekah as a wife for Isaac.”

See Genesis 24:1–28.

President George Q. Cannon said:

“If you will read back to the days of Abraham, you will find that [a] sentiment filled the heart of Abraham, the patriarch, concerning his posterity. When he wanted a wife for his son Isaac, he took his eldest servant of his house and made him swear by the God of heaven that he would not take a wife unto his son of the daughters of the Canaanites, a race with which he did not want his son to intermarry. And he sent his servant back to Mesopotamia, to his old country and his kindred, it being where his brother Nahor had lived, to find there for his son Isaac a wife that should be suitable to him. The servant took this oath, and he went feeling that God had given unto him a mission and that he would be prospered in obtaining a wife for the son of his master. He prayed unto the God of his master to give him success, and give him a sign by which he might know the girl that the Lord designed for his master’s son. And according to his faith so it was done. Rebekah came to the well, and as he had prayed so she did, and she proved to be the very girl that God had designed for Isaac, and the very girl that Abraham in his heart desired that his son should have.”

(“Discourse,” Deseret News, Dec. 3, 1884, 722.)

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